Holy Yoga is a spiritual discipline of engaging with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through the movement of yoga, prayer and meditation. Aligning our hearts, mind, body and spirit as one...just as God intended it to be from the beginning. 

Holy Yoga is

Christ-Centered- Jesus is central to all that Holy Yoga stands for and the reason we exist.  In Him alone we know who we are and who we are living for (Ephesians 1:11). While yoga philosophy is presented, Holy Yoga's programs and teaching are based solely on the Word of God.

Wellness- We are a community that loves Jesus and holistic wellness.  Our world-class training programs are taught by highly skilled and experienced instructors with broad fitness and wellness backgrounds. 

Community- Holy Yoga instructors are committed to holding space for communities across the globe where individuals walk with God and do life together. Holy Yoga exists to be a haven for broken and hurting world.

Living Beyond Ourselves- Our instructors are trained by Holy Yoga and resourced by the Holy Yoga Foundation to spread the gospel, reach the nations, and bring healing and restoration through Christ. 

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